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Home Evaluations Are Always Free

I see adds or coupons all the time for A Free Home Evaluation.  A home evaluation is done by a realtor.  A home evaluation by a realtor is always free, as realtors are not allowed to charge for this service.  An appraisal is done by a real estate appraiser and someone is always charged for it.  Financial institutions will use an appraisal to make sure the home is worth what the buyer is paying for it.  They will not recognize a home evaluation done by a realtor.  Does that mean that the appraiser knows more than a realtor that works in the market?  No.  But that is how the banks work

As we are in the Chestermere and Langdon market daily, we know how your home compares to the one that just sold down the street.  We know which neighbourhoods have similar homes that are similar ages.  The most important thing about doing a home evaluation is choosing the right comparables for your home.  If you choose the wrong one you will be priced too high and your home will languish on the market, or  you could leave some money on the table.

Condition and Upgrades Matter!

The next thing to consider is the condition of the home compared to the others.  If this is the first time a real estate agent has  been in a Chestermere or Langdon home, they will not know what is the norm for that area.  Are laminate floors considered an upgrade for the area, or are they a downgrade because most homes in the neighbourhood have hardwood or tile floors?

Location Needs to Be Considered!

Is either your home or the comparable on a busy street, or is there a park behind the property?  How close are the schools?  How will future developments affect the property?

What Changes Should We Make?

We can also advise you whether changes will make a difference.  We can advise you about repairs that will cost more not to do than to leave for the next person.   We have relationships with Home Stagers, Painters, and handymen, who can help you maximize the amount of money you takeout from your home.

Chestermere is not Calgary!

As Chestermere specialists we know what the market is doing for a particular type of home or price range.  Often homes  in Calgary may be receiving multiple offers, while that is not the situation in Chestermere.  We know the inventory.  We have a marketing program that is designed for Chestermere.  We have a website dedicated to Chestermere that has up to 100 visitors per day looking for property in Chestermere..

A home evaluation is similar to an appraisal. Home evaluations are always free.  Please contact us at 403-207-1776. No coupon required.

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