Choosing a Realtor.

It is the best free advise that you will ever get!  When you are the purchaser of a home it won’t cost you to have your own representation.  Imagine your own real estate professional working for you. 

The buyer’s realtor is paid out of the real estate transaction, and you have a choice of who you want to represent you.

It is in your best interest to meet a realtor and discuss your want and needs before you go looking at properties.

They will make sure that you have finanacing in place, so their are no disappointments, by only showing you homes that you qualify to buy. 

Your realtor will keep your information confidential, and will help you structure the deal so that you get what you want and need. 

An  area specialist knows what the market is doing,  how many homes are on the market, how many have sold and what the activity is like in that market.   They will know if you can wait to put in an offer or if you have to act right away.    They will know the difference between a great deal, and what looks like a great deal because it is the best you have seen.  They will know when it will pay to wait for a better listing to be offered. 

It is up to you.  You have a choice in who you will have represent you.  Please call us to discuss buyer’s representation. 


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