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The date has been set for the Fourteenth Annual Chestermere Parade of Garage Sales 2017!   Friday September 10, Saturday, September 11 and Sunday September 12.


Why so late?  All of us who want a vaccination should be able to have one by then. Then we can safely have our garage sales without worrying about spreading the virus.

We really loved how the businesses got involved in previous years.  
There were 180 registered garage sales, but there were so many more that did not register.

Marjorie and Doug McKay will be sponsoring the sale.  Registration will be up by September 1st.  There will be a link from this page.  We will organize the sale by what types of items you have for sale, so that shoppers will be able to go directly to the homes that have items that interest them.  

Again links to those pages will be found on this page.  

Chestermere Parade of Garage Sales

Chestermere Parade of Garage Sales








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