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Chestermere Market Conditions.

Markets are always shifting, and they are not always the same as the Calgary market.  Inventory changes, are there two many condos, two storeys etc. for the market to absorb.  Or are there not enough for the demand?  We have often been representing sellers, when the buyer’s agent tries to tell us how bad the market is in Chestermere.  Because of our knowledge of the actual market here we have been able to demonstrate that the market is stronger than they had thought and bring their offer up to an acceptable level.

Other times we have been representing sellers when the market is a buyer’s market in Calgary and we have had multiple offers and they have offered over list price.  It is good to have someone on you side that has an inside edge to the Chestermere market conditions.

The most important thing in determining the market value of your home is your agent’s knowledge of that market.  As agents that live and work in the Chestermere, Langdon area we have actually been in the homes that have sold and we know how they compare to your home.  We know if listed Chestermere homes for sale are immaculate with many upgrades or if they were former grow ops, and even if they were rental properties or a one-owner home.
Do they back onto a beautiful green space that has just been re-zoned as a bike park?  What is the value of being on a pond versus a green space with high-tension lines?  Choose the wrong comparable and your house is either too high and won’t sell or you are leaving money on the table.
How many homes are there like yours that are on the market competing with yours?   How can you position your home to sell first?  Does it have special features that are rare to find in Chestermere, like a rear lane, RV parking, oversized garage.  Does it have a developed basement?  How does it compare to the rest of the homes in the market as to finishing?
As Chestermere specialists we are in the homes that are for sale and we have been in the homes that have sold.  We know how they showed and how they compared to yours.  If you are going from the realtors description on a home that recently sold it is just not the same as actually been through it.
We know if it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market or if it is a changing market.  We know when it is time to negotiate, walk away or time to accept an offer.  Of course it us up to you, but you will have our guidance, to help you decide.
We are always in the neighbourhood, ready to show your home as soon as you have it available.  When we are looking for homes for our buyers, our listings are always at the top of our minds.  If they will work for our buyers you will definitely be on the list.
When we do your free market evaluation we will also prepare a market absorption study so you will understand what your home will have to compete with.  Together we will decide upon a market position that will get your home sold!
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