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Chestermere Demographics Population & Growth

  • 2018 Population of 20,792
  • Growth since 2011 34%
  • Average household size 3.2
  • Total number of homes completed 6,552
  • 42% of Chestermere Residents are over 40
  • 25% are in the 20-40 range
  • 20% are under 2
  • 61.37 per cent of the population. is married


Chestermere Residents enjoy a high income level.

Chestermere Demographics Income Levels

With a population at 19,801 people, most  Chestermere residents are above the low income level.   The majority of Chestermere residents are also above the 2,016 national median income of $134,101 per year.

Where Do Chestermere Residents Work?

Chestermere Demographics Employment

Most are in Engineering & related fields with 2,200 people working in that field.  24.81% are employed in Business, Management & Public Administration.   Health & related fields, has 1,160 people employed in this line of work. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)  Chestermere, AB has 2,830 people or 35.82% of workers in STEM industries.

24.48% of Chestermere Residents have a University Degree.

Chestermere Demographics Education

Most people in Chestermere  have completed a high school education. With 4,625 people,completed.  24.48%  say they have completed a university degree. 

Chestermere Has a Diverse Population

Chestermere Demographics Population Origin

South Asian,are the largest minority at 42.72 per cent of the total visible minority population. The second largest group are the Southeast Asian, making up 1,090 people.  Filipino make up  12.3 per cent of the visible minority population

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