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Where is Chestermere?

Where is Chestermere?

roads to Chestermere

Chestermere Highways

Chestermere is located just East of the City of Calgary.  You can take the TransCanada Highway from  Deerfoot Trail or Stoney Trail.  You can also take the 1A Also knowa as 17th Ave S.E. or try  Glenmore Trail to Stoney and then to the TransCanada.  With easy access to the Stoney Trail you are only 20 minutes to the Calgary International Airport.

The average commute for Chestermere Residents is 26 minutes.  There is quick access to the major industrial areas in Calgary and Conrich.  When you work in Calgary and live in Chestermere the sun is at your back in the morning when you drive in and in the afternoon when you drive home.  

Who Lives in Chestermere?

  • 2018 Population of 20,792
  • Growth since 2011 34%
  • Average household size 3.2
  • Total number of homes completed 6,552
  • 42% of Chestermere Residents are over 40
  • 25% are in the 20-40 range
  • 20% are under 2
  • 61.37 per cent of the population. is married


Chestermere Residents enjoy a high income level.

With a population at 19,801 people, most  Chestermere residents are above the low income level.   The majority of Chestermere residents are also above the 2,016 national median income of $134,101 per year.

Where Do Chestermere Residents Work?

Most are in Engineering & related fields with 2,200 people working in that field.  24.81% are employed in Business, Management & Public Administration.   Health & related fields, has 1,160 people employed in this line of work. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)  Chestermere, AB has 2,830 people or 35.82% of workers in STEM industries.

24.48% of Chestermere Residents have a University Degree.

Most people in Chestermere  have completed a high school education. With 4,625 people,completed.  24.48%  say they have completed a university degree. 

Chestermere Has a Diverse Population

South Asian,are the largest minority at 42.72 per cent of the total visible minority population. The second largest group are the Southeast Asian, making up 1,090 people.  Filipino make up  12.3 per cent of the visible minority population

Buyer’s Protection.

We love working with home buyers!..

We will help you find the home that fits your needs and your lifestyles.

We will help you get the information you need to make your decision, from getting approved for a mortgage, asking for the appliances, and fixtures that you need, getting you the possession date that will make your move less stressful.

Navigating the home inspection, what is critical what is not, we can negotiate with the seller to make the repairs.

If you buy a home with us we will also provide you with a Home Warrantee that will cover most home repairs for the first year.

In-Home Systems (subject to a $500 deductible):

  • Electrical generation and distribution systems
  • Heating and cooling systems (furnace, air conditioner and in-floor heating)
  • Water heater
  • Alarm system
  • Sump pump
  • Solar panels

Service Lines (subject to a $1,000 deductible):

  • Exterior water, sewer and electrical service lines

Bonus offer: Major Appliances (subject to a $75 deductible):

If major appliances in the home are 10 years old or less, we will include them in the coverage for FREE

  • Refrigerator
  • Range
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Central Vacuum
  • Option to add additional items for $50 each

Sub Limits:

  • Home appliances limited up to $4,000 per home appliance;
  • For all home appliances between the ages of 6 to 10 years old, in the event where BUHW deems an appliance to be not cost-effective to repair, at its sole discretion, a cash settlement or store credit at an approved supplier will be limited to $400 per home appliance;
  • Please note, there is NO coverage avialable for appliances over 10 years old.

Aggregate coverage up to 15,000 for the term, with a maximum sub-limit of $10,000 for service line coverage.

Note: There is a 30-day waiting period after the plan takes effect. This is to ensure all mechanical devices are functioning properly

Covered Losses:

  • An underground sewer line ruptured from apparent tree root damage: Total loss $10,000
  • An Air Conditioning system working in an overheated operating condition fails electrically and had to be replaced: Cost $5,101.
  • A main electrical panel’s breaker fails to trip as designed overheating wiring, switches and appliances which had to be replaced along with the circuit: $13,992.
  • The electronic control panel in a fridge malfunctions and is not repairable: Replace fridge: $3995.

We are a Canadian company backed by Canadian Insurers!

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions



Q. When can the program’s services start? 
A. 30 days after the plan takes effect.

Q. Is a home inspection required in order to qualify? 
A. No inspection is required.

Q. Can this program be applied to condominiums? 
A. Yes, condominiums qualify if the appliances & systems are owned.

Q. Who pays for the repairs? 
A. Blanket Universal Home Warranty pays for the eligible repair/replacement service for you. You only pay for the applicable deductible.

Q. What losses are not covered? 
A. Items with known latent defects such as rust or corrosion, misuse or neglect, cosmetic wear, improper maintenance, external factors such as fire, vandalism, theft, flood and sewer backup, and resulting property damage.

Q. How do I apply? 
A. Online at buhw.ca and go to apply to complete our application

Q. How do I file a claim? 
A. Call toll free 1.855.587.4792


  • New home warranties specifically exclude appliance coverage, even under the builders first year obligations (Alberta only).
  • Many new home warranties only cover 1-2 years only, with no option to renew.
  • You own the exterior service lines from the home to the municipal line. Damage to these lines are not covered under a standard homeowner’s policy.
  • Unexpected breakdowns and repairs can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.
  • Most homeowners do not have funds set aside for unexpected repairs.
  • A stand alone warranty for one appliance or service line alone can cost $250 or more!
Insurance Liability

Most homeowners don’t know they own the exterior service lines from the home to the municipal line. Damage to these lines is often not covered under a standard homeowner’s policy

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